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Outback Billionaire


She has a broken heart. He has a broken body. Together, they’ll find healing in each other and the Great Australian Outback.

Marlo never expected to find love in Australia—far from it, she hates the place. She’s got a crappy job, her fiancé has just left her, and all she wants now is to buy a ticket home to America.

Then she meets Jack—a handsome, rugged Australian billionaire with a wild streak; as good at handling horses as he is at tumbling in her bed. He owns a station in the middle of Australia, and when she takes up his offer of work, sparks of attraction between the two quickly blossom into romance.

But something is wrong.

Marlo is the one with the broken heart, but it’s Jack who is acting strange—like a storm cloud hangs over his head. It has something to do with the eyepatch just above those kissable lips, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. All Marlo knows is it’s an old childhood tragedy, come back to rear its ugly head.

Jack has healed her broken heart. But that might not be enough in the vast Australian Outback. Because Jack too is broken.

And it might take more than she can give to heal him.

Outback Billionaire is a standalone romance with a happy ending.

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What the GOODREADS reviews say:

“A romantic, almost poetic, novel to consume you entirely!”


“Touching story of life, horses, romance and the outback!! … A poignant, inspiring, sensual journey ensues!!”

– Kathi

“A great five star read. I was a little hesitant at first reading this book, as it didn’t seem like anything I would normally read, but once I got started, I couldn’t put it down it was great. This was such a great story, its hot and heavy, but sweet and lovable at the same time.”

– Sarah

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