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Billionaire by the Book


My fantasies existed only in books until he came along.

Some people say rules are meant to be broken. Not me. I say rules are there for a reason.

It’s why when the handsome stranger walked into my library, the only thing I cared about was the snow he brought with him, melting quickly into the carpet.

That, and making sure he didn’t raise his voice, of course.

But then he found the Kama Sutra. You won’t believe what he did to me then.

Or what I did to him in return.

Let’s just say ‘no noise in the library’ was the least of the rules we broke.

He’s everything I should hate—a rule breaker with no respect for books, who gets away with whatever he wants because he’s a billionaire. He’s got an ex-wife too, and trust me, they don’t get along. Part of me wonders if all the exotic travel and lavish gifts are just a way to get back at her.

But it’s hard to hate someone when every last fiber of your being wants to rip their clothes off. Screw the noise rules—all I want to do is make love to him up against the stacks in my library, over and over again.

Does really love me? Or will the result of breaking all my rules just leave me with a broken heart?

Billionaire By the Book is a standalone romance with a happy ending and no cheating.

But be warned: this book is so hot it will have you fanning yourself (and looking for the closest library!). It contains smoking hot action between a curvy woman and a gorgeous Billionaire, and includes sizzling scenes which are for adults only. Read it only if you enjoy smoking hot romance, intelligent heroines, sexy billionaires, and romance books full of hot, sexy fun!

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