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Billionaire Baby Secret


Rachel suffers from low self-esteem due to an abusive boyfriend, but that all starts to change when she meets a sexy stranger with an English accent.

He treats her like a goddess, and she quickly finds herself falling for him. They even share a mutual love of music, one of Rachel’s secret passions. After he convinces her to sing karaoke, a romance quickly blossoms.

Life seems like a song, but when an unplanned complication develops, things suddenly become a lot more difficult.

Sexy and intimate, music is a large part of the romance and storyline in this four part book series. Read the series if you enjoy hot romance, classic music, singing, sexy billionaires, unplanned pregnancies and curvy women learning to stick up for themselves!

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What the Amazon reviews  say:

“I couldn’t put this series down”

“I may have teared up a time or two but that’s good right?”
– Vivian

“Can’t believe I finished the whole story in one reading! It was so good”
– Alyssa

“Fantastic value… I highly recommend it to lovers of this genre”
– Blingsupreme

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